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May 3, 2019, 5:30 pm

NEWBIE OK - Ukulele Way Meetup


The Ukulele Way Meetup is a way for members to connect with one another in person; engaging in discussion about lessons, concepts, techniques, technology changes with the introduction of the new smart scores using Soundslice, as well as personal progress, goals, learning styles, practice habits and performance preparation. This is open for anyone interested or curious about The Ukulele Way and those seeking a path to further their foundation of music literacy and solo playing.

In addition to the discussion, members are encouraged to prepare a piece from the James Hill Music Repertoire for a small live recital showcase with the option for feedback if so desired. There are a limited number of spaces for the live recital, please let the host know of the intention to play at the start of the meetup. Repertoire from the following sources: Booster Uke, The Ukulele Way, Ukulele in the Classroom, Great Popular Songs, Jazz Ukulele and Duets for One. We will also take a group photo at the end of the meetup. Meetup Host: Danielle Hunt Director of Engagement for The Ukulele Way

My goal with this meetup is to help support and connect members of The Ukulele Way throughout their learning journey.

Hall: Tuscany 3 Track: NEWBIES PASS OK Type: PUBLIC